Whistle in the Shadow, Prosjekt Normanns, Stavanger Norway

Prosjektrom Normanns, Erfjordgata 8, Stavanger, Norway


Lars Morell
Marit Roland
Ole Martin Lund Bø
Per Christian Brown
Jan Christensen

In addition the exhibition includes works by Margrethe Aanestad and Elin Melberg

The exhibition consists of paintings, photographs, textile works, prints and sculptures that in various ways thematically deals with the variations of light and darkness. Several of the pieces on display examine the vulnerability and tactility of various materials and illusional spaces while other pieces examine the concepts of beauty and decay.

The exhibition will be on display until mid August and by appointment. Please contact Elin Melberg ( 0047 48170902) or Margrethe Aanestad ( 0047 40454125).