Whistle in the Shadow, Prosjekt Normanns, Stavanger Norway

Prosjektrom Normanns, Erfjordgata 8, Stavanger, Norway


Lars Morell
Marit Roland
Ole Martin Lund Bø
Per Christian Brown
Jan Christensen

In addition the exhibition includes works by Margrethe Aanestad and Elin Melberg

The exhibition consists of paintings, photographs, textile works, prints and sculptures that in various ways thematically deals with the variations of light and darkness. Several of the pieces on display examine the vulnerability and tactility of various materials and illusional spaces while other pieces examine the concepts of beauty and decay.

The exhibition will be on display until mid August and by appointment. Please contact Elin Melberg ( 0047 48170902) or Margrethe Aanestad ( 0047 40454125).



Nature Morte, Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life, at Konsthallen Bohuslän Museum, Sweden

7. May - 28. August 2016
Opening: Saturday 7. May 2 - 4pm

Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life is a MOCA touring exhibition based on Michael Petry’s recent book for Thames & Hudson. It brings together historic still-life paintings and contemporary art works that seek to use the language of the past for modern concerns. The show seeks to illustrate how leading artists of the 21st century are reinvigorating the still life, a genre previously synonymous with the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Old Masters.

A core of contemporary pieces will travel to all the tour locations.  In each venue historic works borrowed from local museums will compliment those that form the spine of the exhibition. Additionally regional artists who are working with the theme will be included in each venue.

The show will exhibit works from the traditional topics of the still-life: flora, fauna, the domestic object, food and vanitas. The exhibition explores the timeless themes of life, death and the irrevocable passing of time in these new works for our modern world; artworks that invite us to pause and reconsider what it means to be human.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Hans Kindgren, museum director of the Bohuslän Museum.

Treasures, at Northern Norway Art Museum, Norway

20.02.2016 – 29.05.2016

The exhibition Treasures presents selected works from the collection of Northern Norway Art Museum.

An important aspect of the exhibition is that art of high quality can be experience independently of categories such as epoch, media and geography. In other words, Treasures is an aesthetically based exhibition.

Here we find paintings from the Baroque and Romantic eras alongside contemporary photographs and installations. The painting The Finding of Moses, recently identified as a work by the Roman artist Ludovico

Gimigniani, from the latter half of the 1600s. The exhibition also includes works by 19th century artists such as PederBalke and Eilif Peterssen, early modernists such as Thorvald Hellesen, Per Krohg and Rolf Nesch, and contemporary artists such as Jan Groth, Inger Johanne Grytting, Kjell Varvin and Per Christian Brown. One of the masterpieces is Frida Hansen’s textile work Blue Roses (1898).
In recent years the institution has also turned towards international art,in the exhibition we find works by the Englishman David Hockney and the American Joan Jonas. One of the main works is Jonas’s video installation Glacier (2010), which was purchased in connection with the artist’s exhibition at Kunsthall Svalbard in 2015. 

Link to the exhibition: http://nnkm.no/en/exhibitions/treasures